Turn More Visitors Into Supporters

Generate more revenue from your largest traffic source with conversion-optimized donor flows embedded directly on your website.


Classy's next-generation embedded donation form experience is expected to launch in Q3 of 2024.

This new experience is engineered on a modernized tech stack with new conversion-boosting configurations and a simplified admin experience. Enhanced on-page donor flows and standardized best practices help remove friction, shorten checkout time, and optimize for conversion.

  • Increase conversions: Embed conversion-optimized donor flows directly on your website.
  • Let your brand shine: Gain the design control you need, where it matters most for conversion.
  • Drive more value at checkout: Apply high-impact design elements with dynamic checkout flows.
  • Save resources: Simplify install with a one-time, no-code, “set and forget” setup.
  • Optimize for mobile: Increase mobile conversions with one-click payment options.
  • Personalize at scale: Maximize every visit with Intelligent Ask Amounts and robust analytics.

This next-generation embedded experience is engineered in Classy Studio to deliver a new level of performance. Sign up to be notified when this new experience is available to create the optimal donor experience across every channel.

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